Taiwan Textile Federation

Returning to Texfusion for the second time,Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) continues to cultivate business relationships in the UK. Targeting the UK athleisure market with a wide library of functional fabrics that delivers both in quality and price competitiveness, you will still find sustainability as a central theme throughout the 9 companies in the Taiwan Textile Collective.

Taiwan’s Textile Industry: Sustainable World Cup 2018

Two months since football fans in Taiwan held onto their seats in front of various screens to cheer their teams on well into the early morning hours. Despite the Taiwan national football team yet to making it into the World Cup qualifier, our presence is far from minor in the tournament.

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the UK national team as well as teams from Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Japan and Egypt were all kitted in uniforms made in Taiwan. These teams had all chosen to wear jerseys made from recycled plastic (PET) bottles. You may be surprised to find it was Taiwan who innovated and manufactured the eco-friendly yarn and fabrics since 2006.

Taiwan has long since devoted much of its R&D capabilities into creating fashionable, functional and eco-friendly textiles. Starting from raw materials, our firms has innovated industry leading technologies to spin yarn from recycled bottles* to coffee ground** that includes properties such as sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial and deodorization. The industry has also adopted and developed more sustainable production processes, such as dope and waterless dyeing techniques to reduce water and energy consumption.

It takes an average of eight bottles to make a sports jersey, according to the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with estimated sales of eight million jerseys sold in this year’s World Cup, Taiwanese textile suppliers processed millions of bottles to deliver sustainable solutions whilst satisfying market demands. In addition to being more absorbent than their traditionally made counterparts, jerseys made from recycled polyester weighs 13 percent less as well, improving the performance of athletes wearing them.

TTF is also an associate contributor to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Foundations (ZDHC). We understand that in the textile industry, the dyeing process is the heaviest pollutant throughout the manufacturing process, hence, we have joined the global initiative committed to implement safer chemical management practices.

Far Eastern New Century and Shinkong Synthetic Fibers
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the london world textile fair

the london world textile fair

Taiwan Textile Collective

The lineup of the 9 companies joining Texfusion this October includes:
Victorlong (Textile) Co., Ltd., and Universal Textile Co., Ltd., returning to London to bring you their latest collection of functional fabrics;

WidePlus International Co., Ltd. who has been a bluesign partner since 2012 and their products recently obtaining Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification;

Merryson Corporation, specializing in woven jacquard;

Liou Long Tai Textile Factory Co. Ltd. will bring with them cotton and cotton blend fabrics amongst their functional collection;

LARK International Co. Ltd and Yalta Industrial Co., Ltd., looking to showcase their latest collection of woven and knitted fabrics for sportswear and casual wear;

Fruitful Thrive Co., Ltd will be adding trims such as ribbons, webbings, elastics, velvets, and shoe laces alongside their fabric collection;

A & A Textile Co., Ltd., staying true to the Colletive’s theme of eco conscious products and joining as our first exhibitor in the Denim section.

The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) is an important institution for promoting Taiwan’s textile industry. We are looking forward to partnering with Texfusion to bring 9 Taiwanese technical/functional suppliers that emphasis on eco-friendly production values in October 2018. Pay us a visit at the Taiwan Textile Collective booths in Texfusion!